Neil's Photography Price List

Family Portrait Sessions:

Sitting fees are Non-Refundable:

One Person

Two People
Three People
Four People
Five People

Family groupings of more than five people: Price will be quoted on Request. On Location will be quoted.

Our Studio offers Packages and Individual Quality Pricing. You may choose to purchase a money saving package or choose our AlaCart pricing.

Choose from four finishes:

Old Masters-When you want the very finest in decorative photography, then our Old Masters Style is for you, the portraits are permanently bonded to genuine artist’s canvas and fine brush strokes are applied to the surface to protect and enhance the beauty of the portrait. A light oil is added to enhance the photo.

Regency-Custom color portraits printed with perfect color balance and with all the necessary artwork done to enhance your portrait. Each portrait is textured and coated with a Protective surface, mounted on a heavy board and ready for framing.

Cameo Color-This line is a fine quality grade portrait at a reasonable rate. Minor artwork is included and lacquer is sprayed on the portrait to seal it.

Original-Raw Print no artwork

Bridal/Engagement Sessions:
(Click here for detailed information about Bridal/Wedding Packages)

Engagement Sittings: $55.00 indoor

Bridal Sitting Fees: $75.00 Indoor

On Location will be quoted upon request

*****Note—Some of the Wedding Packages include an Engagement and Bridal Session.

* Prices are subject to change without notice

Sitting Fees are prepaid only. This fee covers the photographer's Services. Sitting Fee is non-refundable

Senior Portrait Sessions
(Click here for detailed information about Senior Sessions)

Senior Pricing

Our Studio wants to make each Senior Photograph reflect his or her personality, so we have designed a program that works for us.

First Choose from one of our Senior Session Fees, then call the Studio to make your appointment. It’s that easy. Our Studio provides the Cap-n-gown, Tuxedo, and the Drapes, so there is no need to wait. You will be viewing your portraits electronically using our Instant Previewing System. Expect to place your order immediately following your session. You will need to have at least one Parent available when ordering your photographs.

Express Yourself: ____ Combination:
$85.00 $75.00

Select Five of your Favorite Outfits
Select Four of your Favorite Outfits
Indoor and Outdoor Indoor and Outdoor
Includes a Friend or Family Member  

Contemporary: ____ Classic:
$55.00 $45.00
Select Three of your Favorite Outfits
Two Casual Outfits
Indoor Only Indoor Only

  Cap and Gown Only


Hot Add Ons!!!!!!
Additional outfit $10.00 OutDoor Session Only $55.00
Friends $ 5.00 Location Fee Quoted on Request
Black and White $25.00 Yearbook $10.00

*Sitting Fees are Pre-paid and non-refundable.

You may choose to order Ala Cart or from Package. Pricing Starts from $40.00 and up. Packages are sold in Units, so you create the package that fits your needs and not ours. Contact our Studio for more information.

Payment and Delivery
Please allow a minimum of 4 weeks for your final order. You will be contacted as soon as your order arrives. We require half of the order to be paid at the time you place the order and the balance is due at the time of delivery. Any orders not claimed within 30 days of notification will be charged a 1 ½% per month storage charge.

Copyright—All photographs created by this studio are protected by federal copyright laws and may not be copied or reproduced without written consent from Neil’s Photography.

Children's Specials Pricing (Watch for Neil's Children's Specials!) - There is no sitting fee and packages range from $49.95 and up. You will view electronically and choose your package the same day.

All Packages and Pricing are Subject to Change

ALL SESSION FEES are to be prepaid and are non refundable.


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